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Serial podcast ended just right

Well, it’s over. And unlike most season finales, the Serial came to a strong, satisfying conclusion.

Sarah Koenig’s wonderful narration pulled me in at the very beginning. And she summarized the case perfectly in the closing remarks. And yes, there’s a twist to the story.

I won’t get into spoilers for those who have yet to listen to the final episode of the season, which debuted this morning. Would love to know if you listened how you feel about the case and the story.

I will say that in the end, you’re still left with the question: Did Adnan Syed kill Hae Min Lee?

Hell, I don’t know.

I can see how the evidence got him thrown in jail, but ultimately it’s not very clear cut. One thing that seemed clear is that no one appears to be telling the truth, although some may be telling their own ‘truth’. The truth they remember.

Keep in mind that the story isn’t really over just yet. The wildly popular podcast, which I started listening to a few weeks ago after several people brought it up at work, is only the beginning. There are some legal motions now in the works, which was revealed in the final episode. At least one of them could break the case wide open. It’ll be really fascinating to see just how this will end up.

Overall, if you haven’t taken in the podcast or haven’t gotten into podcasts, Serial really is a great place to start. And now that it’s finished you could binge listen easily. I actually took in the first half of the season in one day. Couldn’t stop. While I do think the first half of the series is more interesting than the second, which gets more into the talking heads and chatter mode found in all podcasts, it was a really intriguing look into how investigative journalists explore stories. How they examine them, what they think.

Some criticized Serial for revealing too much of the reporter’s thoughts and perspective. But I think that’s what made it more interesting. It helps to remember that reporters are humans too, for better or worse. They’re often demonized, and it seemed to me this helped make the reporter into a person and not just a byline.

Either way, I encourage everyone to listen to Serialassuming you haven’t already.

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