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My interview with Brian Volk-weiss about his Netflix series, ‘The Toys That Made Us’ – and our funny childhood connection

So, the above video is my video interview with Brian Volk-weiss. He’s the creator of the fun Netflix series, “The Toys That Made Us,” a documentary series about… well, toys.

I also wrote up an short article, which you can read here.

One funny thing that’s not noted in either the video or the article… Brian and I went to the same elementary school. I had no idea until I actually met him the day of the video shoot.

Let me explain.

As I prepared for the interview, I did some research on Brian. The one thing I noted was that he was from Queens, and is about a year or so younger than me. There was a thought in the back of my mind that maybe we were from the same neighborhood. But, I thought, what the heck are the odds of that.

Anyway, he came in, I made some small adjustments to my video set up. As I did, I asked him where in Queens he’s from. He told me. (I’m not going to say specifically, because hey, maybe he doesn’t really want that out there.) As it turned out, not only did we grow up in the same neighborhood, we went to the same school and had several of the same teachers. He was a year behind me, as it turned out.

It was such a bizarre coincidence. Now he’s a successful producer… and I’m not.

I guess that’s just the way it goes. Oh, and below is a still from some unused b-roll.

Brian Volk-weiss
Brian Volk-weiss
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