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‘The Last Starfighter’ (1984) is discussed on ‘For the Love of Movies’ podcast

Haven’t promoted one of these episodes in a while.

In this most recent episode, Frank Posillico and I chat about this classic science fiction film. I say it’s a fun family-friendly adventure. Frank… no so much.

It’s difficult when a film becomes so dated. The special effects here, while perhaps daring and an attempt at being ahead of their time, don’t really hold up, I think the story does. It’s a fun film. It’s a sweet film. It also has a few clever concepts.

I’d actually love to see them do a reboot or (most especially) a Tron-like sequel thing that brings the story up to date. It’s ripe for it, more than most of the films they choose to remake.

What do you think?


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  1. Personally, I find this movie absolutely fantastic! I had the opportunity to interview Craig Safan who composed the music for The Last Starfighter and he was great to have on my show. You can find that on; at episode 11 and Itunes. Please check it out, the score is fantastic and needs to be included in one of the best sci-fi scores of all time! You can quote me on that.
    Also you can follow me on twitter @RandallAndrews1; Facebook at Soundtrack Alley; and on my blog at Please check out my podcast Soundtrack Alley!

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