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Doing a ‘bit’ with Cheech Marin

Hadn’t posted anything here in a while. Hate when that happens.

So, as I pondered what to do, I figured why not just share this fun video I did for work with the great Cheech Marin.

Not sure anyone finds it all that funny. Makes me laugh. All I can say is that I had a lot of fun making it. It’s not often celebrities come into my office and are willing to just relax and have fun.

We’d explained it to Cheech (I can call him that, you know, because we met that one time) beforehand, and he was game. No trace of ego.

And he played along. Below is the photo I took during my bit in the video.

What was most fun about making this was that we were able to do something different. I’ve shot a few celebrity interviews, but it was nice to break away from that. Try something different.

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