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Month: July 2015

She’s the woman in the red shirt

Riding the subway to and from work, you see a lot of familiar faces. They come and they go.

The woman in the red shirt was different. It was the first time I’d walked to the train with a stranger, who then went on to share the entire ride with me. We got on the same car, changed trains at the same station, and ended our commute at the end of the line.

But what truly made it unique, is that when I arrived at my station for the journey home, she was there. And we did the whole thing again, only in reverse.

Observations on a crowded subway train

The J train whined like a dying banshee as it came to a stop at the last elevated subway station, Marcy Avenue. The doors opened, and a few riders trickled out of the crowded old car.

I moved deeper in to allow more people to push their way in. An older Asian woman guided her two young charges through the straphangers. It’s gotta be tough being kids on a crowded train when your face is butt level.