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15 movies that have stayed with me

I was recently tagged with this on Facebook. Decided it required a little thought. Somehow fifteen movies seemed like a lot to ask. I really wanted to take careful consideration. The top six were easy, so were the bottom three. The middle ones took a little time.

These are all films that have strong memories for me, impacted me, changed me, and altered my perception of myself and the world around me in ways both great and small.

Here’s my list:

1. Never Cry Wolf

2. The Natural

3. Star Wars

4. Skindeep

5. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

6. The Gods Must Be Crazy

7. They Live

8. The Last Unicorn

9. Zulu

10. About a Boy

11. Enemy Mine

12. Conan the Barbarian

13. Night of the Comet

14. Parasite (in 3D)

15. My Science Project

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