Tom Cruise and ‘Top Gun’ – For the Love of Movies podcast

Tom Cruise in 1986's 'Top Gun'.

Tom Cruise in 1986’s ‘Top Gun’.

The first time I saw Top Gun, I didn’t realize I’d come in halfway through. Suddenly Goose was dead, Maverick was spiraling out of control, and the movie was just 45 minutes.

It wasn’t until about a year or so later that I realized I’d missed the entire first half of the movie.

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Animated “Indiana Jones” article over at New York Daily News

Interviewed the artist behind the fan-created 'Indiana Jones' animated adventures short.

Interviewed the artist behind the fan-created ‘Indiana Jones’ animated adventures short.

Just thought I’d highlight this. I hadn’t written anything for the Daily News in a while. Then I saw this small story about an animated Indiana Jones adventure.

While the animation turned out to be smaller than I previously thought, I’m still looking forward to seeing it. The fellow who created it, a Dutch artist who I interviewed via email, gave me an exclusive image from the project.

You can read all about it here at

New videos on my ‘videos’ page

videos page

Just wanted to note I’ve done a little updating to the videos page. Swapped out some older ones, added in some newer ones.

Among them is an homage to Independence Day, my trip on a racing yacht and the now infamous AR-15 video.

Doing a ‘bit’ with Cheech Marin

Hadn’t posted anything here in a while. Hate when that happens.

So, as I pondered what to do, I figured why not just share this fun video I did for work with the great Cheech Marin.

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‘For the Love of Movies’ podcast: ‘Masters of the Universe’

So, I started a podcast at work. I do it with my video producer, Frank Posillico.

The idea of the podcast is that Frank doesn’t know much about good movies. He’s young and inexperienced. So I, like a Jedi master, must educate him.

This is the second episode. We’re still finding our footing, but I feel like there’s potential.

In this episode, we delve into ‘Master of the Universe’, the 1987 ‘classic’ based upon the He-Man toy line.


'Master of the Universe' (1987) movie poster.

‘Master of the Universe’ (1987) movie poster.